Recent photo’s and updates

Hi, for those of you who look for recent photos and photo galleries on this site, I’ve decided to publish all recent shots and keep galleries and archive shots on my social media pages. You can find links to my Flikr, Instagram and Facebook pages to the right of this page; it just makes it easier to keep up to date!


Winter Light

I”ve been busy with various projects over the last few months, but I’ve had a bit of time over the last few weeks to get a few images I can publish here. I love this  winter light we have now, even at midday the angle of the sun is low enough to create interest. Here are a few I like; if you want camera settings etc. all of these shots are also on my Flickr feed where you can find out all the details, check out the link to the right.

Fal Estuary Oyster Boat at dawn.

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Butterflies and backgrounds

I’ve been struck by how many butterflies have been around this September, far more than any other time in the year. These shots were taken in my garden. I’ve done my best to be patient and get them in the right position to blur out the background (what photographers call bokeh), to make the insects really ‘pop’ out of the photo. It’s amazing how even the slightest distraction in the background detracts from the image.

Small Tortoiseshell

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All that glitters…

There are some brilliant and surprising small companies around Dorset, Somerset and Devon. I’ve just done a few marketing images for one of them, a jewellery wholesaler called Reeves and Reeves. You may not have heard of them but you may well have seen their speciality silver jewellery in many of our high street shops and well known catalogs. Here are a few pictures from the day.


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Thorncombe Battle of Bands

I’ve been very pleased to support a local community amateur sports club over the weekend by taking pictures of their Thorncombe Battle of Bands event. You can buy the images off the official TBOB website (it might take a day or two for them to set up the sales process), and all the proceeds will go to the club. It’s a great club that provides vital social and sporting facilities for young and old in an area where there are very few other facilities and it’s a pleasure to support them. Here are my favourite 10 pictures from the event:_03A5963 Continue reading “Thorncombe Battle of Bands”